The valve works as an automatic pressure releasing regulator activated by the static pressure existing at the entrance to the valve and is characterized by its ability to open instantly and totally.





  • 90° angular flow.

  • Activated by direct action helicoid spring.

  • Simplicity of construction ensuring minimum maintenance

  • Materials carefully selected for their resistance to corrosion. With the exception of washers and couplings, the valves are free of non-ferric materials.

  • Internal body designed to offer favourable flow profile.

  • Sealing surfaces treated and balanced, making them extremely tightness, even exceeding EN 12266-1 requeriments.

  • Great discharge capacity. For liquids typically used with openings similar to proportional safety valves.

  • Equipped with draining screws for removing condensation.

  • Auto-centering plug

  • Threaded shaft with lever positioner facilitating immediate manual action

  • Elevator, independent of the seal, designed facilitate sudden opening when the steam expands and, with any fluid, guarantees absolute opening and closing precision.

  • All the valves are supplied sealed at the set pressure requested, simulating operational conditions, and are vigorously tested.


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